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Celebrating Fourth of July with Dogs!

German Shepherd wearing Fourth of July themed clothing.
The 4th of July is right around the corner and it’s time to turn on the barbeque and put on our red, white & blue! The best Fourth of July Day parties have dog tails wagging and having a blast, too! We’ve created celebratory ideas for dressing up your pups as American Patriots supporting the USA, and dog safety tips during 4th of July Day celebrations with family and friends!
A dog in a blue and tan playpen from Jestpet, available at Happy Wags!

Keep Our Dogs Safe this Fourth of July

Our number one priority is your dog’s safety during the Fourth of July. This is a day where the largest number of dogs are reported missing every year, because they get spooked by loud firework shows. Their hearing is 200+ louder than human level hearing, therefore let’s be cognizant to their hearing sensitivities when fireworks go off.

Regardless of our party plans, your dog’s security comes first. Don’t worry, though, here are a few ways to keep your dog safe and calm during Independence Day festivities:

  1. If you know your dog is skittish and you’re planning on going somewhere crowded, or the fireworks are going off in your own yard: keep them inside for safety. Make sure all doors are locked and their crate is close by to hide in comfort. It also helps to leave on your TV or radio, at low volume, so there is distracting and comforting background noise during fireworks.
  2. If you are taking your dog to a fireworks show or allowing them in the backyard to watch fireworks at a distance, keep them on a short and secure leash so that they don’t bolt if the fireworks spook them.
  3. Sometimes dogs get nervous around new people. If that is the case, when party guests begin to arrive, make sure you have your best pup pals in a safety zone for relaxation during the day and into the evening. We love this Dog Playpen from Jestpet. Place their favorite toys, chews and bowl of water inside. Remember to let them out a few times over the day and evening for potty breaks, too!
  4. A natural dog calming treat can also keep dogs happy and enjoying the party! We love these chewy treats by Pet Naturals that relax nervous dogs without making them drowsy.

Your dog’s happiness and safety is number one on the Fourth of July. Once you’ve determined if your dog can mingle with your Fourth of July family and guests, then it’s time to pick out some cool dog toys and attire bringing out more celebratory fun!

A happy golden retriever relaxes outside wearing an American Flag bandana

Patriotic Pooch

Your dog is just as proud to be American as you are! Let’s show off red, white and blue clothing and accessories on the 4th of July!

Every patriotic dog needs this American Flag dog collar from Country Brook. This holiday dog collar is comfortable and secure, with a unique American flag design getting everyone who pets them in the mood to celebrate.  It doesn’t stop at the collar; our friends over at Country Brook have made a super cute matching leash as well. This high-quality collar and leash set can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday or to show your dog’s love for his country every single day!

A boy cradles his french bulldog puppy, who is wearing American Flag bowtie.

If your dog’s collar preferences are a little more fashion forward, this Patriotic Stars and Stripes Dog Bandana is an adorable way to showcase those stars and stripes. This bandana slides right through your dog’s collar, keeping it safe and secure without bothering the neck. For the fanciest of dogs, or a more upscale Fourth of July day party, we recommend this luxurious red and blue plaid bowtie collar from Susan Lanci making sure your dog fits right in with sophistication.

There is no better time to show off your trendy dog at your own house party or family and friend’s home. Therefore we also recommend “going all out” with a dog outfit if Sparky or Fluffy is the kind of pup who loves the spotlight. You could go with this nautical-themed dress and vest or keep it simple with this American flag t-shirt from The Worthy Dog.

A black lab runs excitedly after getting out of a pool.

Puppy Patio Season

Your dog should have as much fun as your party guests. A new toy keeps dogs calm and entertained. Plus, if you’re not the one hosting the party, bringing over a toy is a great way to keep your dog grounded in an unfamiliar environment.

Chances are, if you’re having a Fourth of July Day barbeque, you’ll be sipping a couple of drinks in the sunshine. While you should never give your dog alcohol (ever), you don’t want your dog to totally miss out on the 4th of July Day fun.

Boozy plush toys from Haute Diggity Dog are the perfect way to involve your pup in backyard or beachy festivities. Refresh your dog’s toy box with the Grrona plush dog toy that looks a lot like a Corona, with a lime pop on the top. If you’re in the mood for margaritas, make it a happy hour spent playing with the Puptron tequila plush, based on the popular Patron tequila. These toys are soft, durable, and fun conversation pieces for all.

Of course, there are endless toys to choose from. Make sure to check out the entire selection from Happy Wags! to keep your dog’s patriotic spirits high during this festive day!

A group of young adults enjoy some drinks on the lawn with their small dog.

Canines at the Cookout

Chances are delicious smells of barbeque will be super tempting to your dog. Keep your pups happy with a drumstick of their own. These squeaky chicken drumstick and turkey drumstick dog toys allow your pups to participate in barbeque fun and lasting entertainment preventing them from wanting to eat your food.

Of course, you’ll want your pups to enjoy the delicious meat action. Give them a barbeque experience with a Smokehouse USA Porky Bone to chew while your guests are mowing down on their hot dogs and hamburgers. Smokehouse USA - an American brand! - slow roasted pork bones provide dogs with the highest quality of chewy bones that have no artificial ingredients.

While you’re also enjoying the sun and splashing in the pool, it’s important to remember that summer is peak flea and tick season. Make sure that your dogs are celebrating in the great outdoors with flea and tick treatments. We love this flea and tick spray by Pet Naturals that gives your dog a quick spray before heading outside. It’s all natural, smells fresh to your guests and repels insects, letting them enjoy their fun with new toys and porky bones in peace.

This Fourth of July, we know that you’ll have the best time ever because your dog will be joining in on the fun! Whether they’re strutting stuff in new red white and blue collars, chewing on their own barbeque porky chews, or sharing a new toy with friends. They’ll be having as much fun as you are. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!