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Best Activities for the Dog in the Winter

Dog owners understand the difficulty of giving their dog the appropriate amount of exercise when they can’t go outside. Winter months are cold and not always an inviting atmosphere for dogs, though there are days when you can venture outside!


Even if your dog is a little reluctant and wants to stay cuddled up, it’s important to avoid cabin fever and let your dog enjoy some winter activities. Lack of movement can lead to weight gain, which can put more stress on your dog’s joints, causing discomfort. If you’re someone who has a dog with a lot of energy, you know how important it is to give your dog exercise!


Your friends at Happy Wags have put together a list of the best winter activities for dogs, both inside and outside, to help your pup get the most out of the colder winter months.

Morning/Afternoon Walks

walking the dog in the winter

Let’s start simple. Getting out in the mornings--or a possible warmer afternoon--is your first defense against dog obesity. The air might be cold, but allowing your dog exercise even from a brisk, quick walk can make all the difference for both of you.

Indoor Dog Parks

If your dog is more of an “indoor” pet, you can try to find an indoor course in your area. These aren’t common, but if you have one, it could be extremely helpful for your dog in allowing them to get some exercise. These courses are perfect for all sizes of dogs. If you can’t find one, check with your local doggy daycare and see what they offer for indoor activities.

Incorporate Fetch into Your Exercise

Love doing sit-ups or other exercises in your home? Keep your dog’s toy in your hand when you’re working out. Every time you sit up or complete a rep of an exercise, throw the toy and have your dog fetch it. Feel free to tease your dog every few reps to keep it interesting.


dog skijoring

Do you have a bigger dog, one who loves to run and isn’t afraid of the snow? Consider taking your dog skijoring. It’s a remarkable activity for both of you. It involves cross-country skiing with a little help from your dog. While you’re on the skis, your dog is on a harness out in front that has a long line connecting to you. It uses elements of dog sledding and comes naturally to many dogs.

Enjoy the Snow

For many dogs, exercising or being active comes natural, even if there is snow on the ground. Actually, there are breeds who absolutely love the snow and go crazy when in it! Suit up and take your dog outside. Browse through Happy Wags dog coats for the right fit and cozy protection when enjoying the frosty weather and creating a new bond with your best friend!

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