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Summer Must-Haves For Every Dog

The dog days of summer have arrived, and we’re ready to lounge in the sun with our favorite furry friends. Whether you’re spending your summer out on the lake, jet setting through a new country, or taking in the coolest events in your hometown, one thing is for certain - every summer activity is better when you can bring your dog along for the ride.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite products regardless of whether you are taking a big trip or staying city side.

Taking a Big Trip

Is it your first time flying or taking a train with your dog or puppy? With the right carrier, travel doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your pup. A good dog carrier will help your furry friend feel safe and comfortable while keeping your look stylish. We personally love this denim quilted carrier. Its airline approved, with wheels attached so you can quickly move your dog from place to place. It’s also lined with Sherpa fleece cushion to keep your dog cozy for the entire trip. You can check out our entire line of chic and functional travel carriers here.

Of course, dogs are not use to new sights, sounds, and feelings of being on a plane, and spending an extended amount of time in an enclosed space can be nerve-racking. A herbal supplement, such as Earth Animal Calm Down for Anxiety in Dogs, is a natural way to help your dog relax in stressful situations. Pop the drops in their mouth or mix them in water before leaving for the airport to ensure that they’ll stay calm until landing.

Denim Quilted Airplane Dog Carrier With Daschund

Into the Woods

When the sun’s out, there’s little that is better than spending a day reconnecting with nature. We love nothing more than taking our dogs out to the trails, whether that be a short jaunt through the woods or a longer hike.

However, spending time outside during the summer means bugs will be abundant, and your dog will be the only four legged friend that you’ll want to take home. Flea protection is important on hikes! Investing in a high quality, all natural flea collar like this Herbal Flea and Tick Collar from our friends over at Earth Animal helps repel unwanted pests while keeping your dog’s coat safe. This collar is infused with Virginia Cedar, Peppermint, and Almond oils that help keep fleas away.

Sometimes we want to take a longer hike, but our dog doesn’t quite have the stamina. Don’t let that hold you back; a dog backpack allows you to keep hiking while your dog enjoys nature’s surroundings. One of our favorite dog backpacks is the K9 Sport Sack AIR Forward Facing Backpack. This pack keeps your dog secure while leaving them ample room to stick their head out and enjoy nature along with you.

Looking for more tips for hitting the trails with your pup? Make sure to check out our blog post with the best tips for hiking with your dog.

K9 Sport Backpack For Hiking With Your Dog

Staying at Home

Sometimes, summer is best spent lounging in your own backyard. Entertain your dog with a fun toy for those relaxing days at home; after all, new toys can be some of the best summer treats for dogs!

If your pup prefers soft toys, why not treat her to this Starbarks Plush Toy? A frappuccino is a favorite summer treat of many humans, and this frap-inspired toy will let your dog get in on the iced-coffee action. This plush toy comes in three different sizes, with a squeaker inside designed to stimulate your dog. Who knows - maybe you can even take a selfie with your matching iced coffees!

We also love this Rope Ball Toy for the active dog who loves to chew and can get through anything. This ball is made up of ropes, making it perfect for an energetic dog who loves to play fetch but also needs something to chew on. The rope design is durable and able to survive even the strongest of chewers, providing your dog with hours of at-home entertainment.

Looking for perfect summer toys that match the way your dog likes to play? Check out our entire selection right here and pick out a few that your dog will love playing with all summer!

Out on the town

When you’re hitting the town this summer, why should you be the only one who is stylish? Make sure your dog is the most stylish on the block with one of our fashionable accessories. Our pups deserve to look as good as we do!

An easy way to style-up your pup’s fashion game is with a cool new summer dog collar. We have a huge selection of fashionable dog collars, no matter what your dog’s aesthetic is. We have cheetah-print bow collars for the sassiest dogs, and bowtie collars if you’re feeling dapper. The options are endless!

Harnesses are a great way to keep your dogs on-leash without straining their necks. Dogs that use a harness don’t have to worry about missing out on the fashion; we have fashionable dog harnesses as well. A wonderful option for the summer is this grey harness with a pink plaid bow. Happy Wags! has a huge variety of summer dog clothes on our website, perfect for any occasion where your dog’s fashion game needs to be on point.

Corgi wearing fashionable harness out on the town

Whether you’re traveling the world or exploring your own backyard, Happy Wags’ high-quality products ensure that you and your dog have the best summer ever.  We’re excited to be a part of your adventures in the upcoming months!