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About Happy Wags!, Inc.

Happy Wags!, Inc. was created to offer pup parents premium dog products that lacks with Big Chain and eCommerce stores rendering low quality control. They provide thousands of products which feels like a flea market, without knowing which products are 'truly quality' for a puppy, adult or senior dog. 

Our passion is dogs!  Our furry best friends bring us so much LOVE into our lives every day, therefore we research the highest quality dog products ranging from human grade dog food, treats, toys, health supplements, flea treatments, clothing, fashion accessories, beds, carriers, leashes, natural dog potty trays, and so much more!

Happy Wags!, Inc. also offers Dog Monthly Subscription boxes filled with toys, chews and treats (selection provided for allergies or stomach sensitivities to meat-protein treats).

The mission at Happy Wags! is simple – to make both dogs and their pup parents "happy" by selling quality dog products for their furry best friends! Let's keep those tails wagging!