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Ark Naturals Organic Eye Dog Gentle Cleanser, 4-oz bottle


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Why We Love It:

Keep your dog's eyes alert with Ark Naturals Eyes So Bright Dog Gentle All-natural, herbal Cleanser. Even if your pup didn't spend their days charging over dirt and playing fetch outdoors, their eyes tend to get dirty. This gentle cleanser removes foreign materials and those annoying eye-crusties that all pups get from time-to-time. The all-natural herbal formula cleans eyes and the surrounding area without any risk of burning, and may help cleanse eyes during your pup's recovery from an eye infection. It's safe for puppies and dogs!

Helps maintain healthy eyes by removing foreign debris and encrustations that build up in the mucous membranes of your pup's eyes. Gentle formula doesn't irritate the eyes. It can be used daily to aid from itchy, red, or puffy eyes.

Goldenseal and Echinacea soothe and heal to maintain healthy eyes. Made in the USA!