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Ark Naturals Ears All Right Dog Gentle Cleaning Lotion, 4-oz bottle


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Why We Love It:

Clean ears are important for overall dog's health! Ark Naturals Ears All Right Dog Gentle Cleaning Lotion helps treat ear mite infestations, reduces inflammation and irritation, and prevents insect bites from leading to infection. A few drops squeezed onto a cotton ball wiping ears reduces wax buildup and ear odor in long-eared dogs.

Developed by an herbal scientist using premium natural botanicals, it's non-drying and hypo-allergenic. Easy to use without a burning sensation. Natural botanical formula that removes wax, dirt, and foreign debris promoting healthy ears. Safe for all dogs and made in the USA!

Treats mites and helps heal infections resulting from minor scratches and insect bites. Also soothes and comforts itchy or red ears.