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Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me Dog Powder Supplement, 2.2-oz container


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Why We Love It:

Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me Dog Supplement is an easy-to-use powder supplement that is an all-natural, chicken-flavor powder to sprinkle over your dog's food to help remove built-up tear stains or stains around the paws. It tasted likes a treat and doesn't contain any pharmaceuticals or antibiotics that's safe for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. 

All Natural, No Antibiotics & No Pharmaceuticals!

Easy-to-use powder helps eliminate unsightly tear stains & stains on paws.

Great chicken-flavor powder to sprinkle over your pup's food to help remove built-up tear stains.

Enhances dog’s immune system and helps control the growth of bacteria and yeast responsible for stains caused by excessive licking.

Reduces eye stains built up from over-produced tearing.

All-natural powder supplement doesn’t have any antibiotics or pharmaceuticals!