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Dog Retractable Leash Blue Crystals by Parisian Pet


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Why We Love It:

Say goodbye to boring dog walks with this stylish addition to your walking wardrobe. This gorgeous mini dog retractable leash features blue crystals that cover the leash housing for an unforgettable style that's functional and fun! 

You'll love the soft-grip handle and the elegant blue sparkling look to walk your pooch with style. The comfortable handle offers a quick-stop button for control of your dog and the 10-foot nylon strap gives your dog more freedom on walks.

This glamorous leash offers a practical and convenient way to exert control over your dog while allowing them to enjoy their walks and explore their environment.

Ideal for small sized dogs under 20lbs.

Add some fashion and fun to your walks with this sparkling Crystal Retractable Dog Leash in Blue! Blue crystals cover the leash housing with a locking mechanism that gives dogs freedom to explore while you are in control during walks.