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Vermont Dog Eats 100 % All Natural Organic Ginger Snaps Dog Treats


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Why We Love It:

These Vermont dog treats are tasty and made with entirely real, human-grade and organic foods containing NO wheat, soy, corn, sugar, byproducts or preservatives. Equally important, we know where our treats come from made in the USA!

A sweet treat indeed, Ginger’s Snaps smell like the holidays but (thankfully!) can be enjoyed year-round. These treats are also great for furry friends prone to motion sickness and many tout the medicinal benefits of small amounts of ginger. This tasty root has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-toxic properties as well as its antioxidant power and antihistamine qualities for your furry friend. That's a lot of "Anti" but a whole lot of good packed into your dogs!