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Dog Leash Flowers Ultrasuede® Swarovski®



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Why We Love It:

Luxurious, lightweight, easy to maintain, smart features and a great value that lasts a long time!

This leash comes with:

- A snap hook that has a heavy plated nickel-silver finish

- A matching "D" ring below the handle gives you a convenient place to put your keys, pick-up bags or to attach a Travel Pouch.

Hand made in the USA. Please allow up to seven (7) days for production.


Made from Ultrasuede® fabric with the soft texture and feel of premium suede. Ultrasuede® also has the highest grade of durability, making this leash resistant to stains and discoloration, it is even machine washable!

About Ultrasuede®

This product is resistant to stains and discoloration and is machine washable.

- Use of a lingerie bag is recommended
- Wash in cold water
- Use mild soap or detergent
- Do not use fabric softener
- Air dry or tumble dry, absolutely no heat to maintain softness

Available Colors:

- Puppy pink, Perfect pink, Sapphire pink, Red, Black, Tiffi Blue, Bimini Blue, Doe, Fawn, Chocolate, Mint, Peaches and Cream, French Lavender, Ultraviolet, and Platinum