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ZIWI Peak Free Range Chicken Recipe Puppy Adult & Senior Dogs


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Why We Love It:

Feed your Puppy, Adult or Senior Dog this farm to bowl nutrition with New Zealand Free Range Chicken, Grain-Free, and Air-Dried Dog Food!

Simple and pure this recipe gives your pal 100% single-sourced chicken that is free-range on ethical and sustainable New Zealand farms; free of antibiotics, growth promotants and added hormones. Using a gentle twin-stage air-drying process naturally preserving all ingredients, which also eliminates pathogenic bacteria. There’s no need to rehydrate since this air-dried food contains more moisture than dry kibble and has no preservatives, sugar or glycerin.

This food is safe, clean and easy to handle not like wet or refrigerated food. In fact, it’s just as nutritious and digestible as a completely raw diet, in the convenient form of air dried food! Great for home, travel or meals on the go!